Community Crime Prevention Coalition Meeting

Several UpDoNA members attended the Community Crime Prevention Coalition Meeting held at Coors Field on November 3, 2022.  The meeting was hosted by the Denver Police Department.  There were approximately 100 people in attendance including many police officers that UpDoNA’s Safety and Quality of Life Committee meet with on a regular basis.

Both Chief Ron Thomas and Commander Kim Bowser spoke about their plans and goals for improving downtown Denver.  Chief Thomas plans to increase the number of police officers, lower response times, and increase public trust of the police department.  Commander Kim Bower also plans to decrease response times by tracking the length of time between a call and a police officer’s arrival, and the time the police officer stays at the scene.  She will institute a new “Virtual Officer Program” for lower-level calls wherein off-duty police officers will answer incoming calls. 

The Denver Police Department will be hosting additional meetings in the future.

Lisa Pope, Co-Chair

Safety & Quality of Life Committee

Photo attribution: Rob Squire

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