President’s Message – November 2022

Believe it or not, the holiday season is fast approaching and there is a lot to do in Upper Downtown.  The Brown Palace 34th Annual Champagne Cascade is happening on November 13th.   Also, DCPA’s performance of A Christmas Carol and the Denver Christkindlmarket both open on November 18th.  Make sure to visit the Community Events page on the UpDoNA website for details.

Thanks to everyone who attended our Social/Membership event at Teller Bar in the Renaissance Hotel.  The food and drinks were delicious, and the setting was beautiful!  Thanks to Emma Richards, Range Restaurant, and the Renaissance Hotel for hosting and for working so hard to make our event special.  Special thanks to Terri McGinley, Melissa Matuska, and Sheryl Clark for arranging the event. 

I am excited to announce that UpDoNA has a new Arts and Beautification Committee.  Sal Tripodi will lead the Arts and Kerry Packard will lead the Beautification.  Sal will work with governmental agencies and private businesses/organizations to facilitate the acquisition and maintenance of art for public display within Upper Downtown.  Likewise, Kerry will work to increase the installation and maintenance of trees and plants in Upper Downtown.   If you are interested in volunteering for either of these committees, please go to the Committee Page at https://updona.org/committees/

The Scooter Committee has been very busy.  Currently, committee members and volunteers are preparing a Public Service Announcement (“PSA”) which will show the proper use of sidewalks and bike lanes.  One focus is to show that e-scooters are to be ridden in bike lanes and not on sidewalks.  Once completed, the PSA will be displayed on several electronic billboards throughout Upper Downtown.  Be sure to look for the Announcement – you just might recognize a friend and/or neighbor.  Two links have been added to UpDoNA’s Report an Issue page to learn scooter-related rules and to report scooter-related violations.  Read the Scooter Committee article in this month’s newsletter for additional Scooter Committee activities.

Don’t forget to sign up to volunteer at The Delores Project.  Volunteers are needed to prepare and/or serve meals to the residents.  If you’d like to sign up to volunteer, please contact Helen Hedrick at helenhedrick@updona.org.

Recent Committee and Member Successes:

The work at 14th and Stout Streets is underway.  Xcel Energy is replacing the manhole covers and installing condensate recovery pipes.  The escaping steam will now be captured and rerouted to city pipes.  As most of you are aware, there are nightly campers at this location and in the morning trash, drug paraphernalia, etc. is left behind.  Allied Security and the Downtown Denver Partnership clear and clean the area every morning.  With the cold months fast approaching, and the steam rerouted, the goal is to dissuade nightly campers from sleeping on the sidewalk in harsh and dangerous conditions and to seek shelter that provides protection from the elements. 

Several members have witnessed and reported drug sales and usage in the alley and parking lots by the Spire building.   Some individuals used an open alcove behind La Boheme for their illegal activities.  A meeting was held with La Boheme management to discuss the situation.  A gate has now been installed on the alcove.  This should help to prevent illegal activity in that area.

Downtown Denver Partnership has agreed to pay 50% of the cost of a scissor gate that will be installed at Spire’s dock to prevent trespassing and removal of cardboard from recycling dumpsters.

Finally, after an unfortunate tripping incident resulting in injury, UpDoNA member, Jeff Burke, met with the Four Seasons Hotel management and City Inspections Manager Dennis Shults to discuss needed repairs to the sidewalk in front of the hotel.   Repairs have begun!

Thanks to the Safety & Quality of Life Committee and Jeff Burke for their efforts.  Also, thanks to our members who continue to report illegal activities and other issues in Upper Downtown.   Please visit our Report an Issue page at https://updona.org/report-an-issue/ for information on how to report.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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