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UpDoNA has created a committee structure that is used to carry out its important work.  The structure reflects the core values of Safety, Cleanliness, and Compassion, keeping residents informed about city activities, and building community through social events designed to enable our members to meet other residents who live in the Upper Downtown neighborhood.

Overseen by the “Residents for a Safe, Clean and Compassionate Denver Committee”, there are three separate committees that carry on the core work.  They are the “Safety & Quality of Life Committee”, the “Clean Sustainable Denver Committee” and the “UpDoNA Cares Committee”. The “Scooter Committee” works specifically to address the safety issues that pedestrians are facing due to the increase in usage of scooters and e-bikes.  The “Arts & Beautification Committee” works to beautify the Upper Downtown area through increased plantings and through the increased acquisition of public artwork.

The “Good Neighbor Committee” works with applicants for liquor licenses to develop agreements that they will operate their establishments in a manner respectful of the needs of a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood like the Upper Downtown.

The “City Liaison” works closely with the City of Denver on issues affecting our members and will disseminate relevant information to our community.

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Our committees consist of our members and their efforts in promoting the mission of the organization.

Safety & Quality of Life Committee

Works to improve the safety and quality of life of Upper Downtown residents and businesses to help ensure that it is a safe and inviting place to live, work and visit.
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UpDoNA Cares Committee

Works to support homeless charities and educate our members on the causes of homelessness.
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Clean Upper Downtown Committee

Works with DDP and city agencies to ensure that Upper Downtown is clean and maintained.
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Good Neighbor Committee

Works to encourage applicants of liquor and other licenses to operate their establishments in a manner respectful of the needs of a mixed commercial/residential neighborhood.
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Scooter Committee

Works to address pedestrian safety issues that have arisen due to the increase in number and usage of e-scooters and e-bikes.
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Arts and Beautification Committee

Works to increase the beauty of our city through increased use of trees and plants, and the acquisition of art for public display.
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Outreach Committee

Maintains a website and publishes a newsletter with relatable information and articles.

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Membership Committee

Works to continually expand the membership of UpDoNA through outreach and engagement.
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Social Committee

Promotes community building through social events.

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City Liaison

Communicates with the city regarding issues that affect Upper Downtown.
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UpDoNA is a City Registered Neighborhood Organization representing the community of Denver’s Upper Downtown.

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