Good Neighbor Committee

The Good Neighbor Committee works to develop agreements with applicants of liquor and other licenses.

Downtown Denver has seen several establishments close due to the COVID pandemic.  The city needs and wants additional fun and desirable bars and restaurants to help make the downtown area even more vibrant than it is today.  These businesses benefit residents and tourists alike. 

At the same time, they must operate in a manner that provides enjoyment for customers without becoming problematic for nearby residents and businesses.

The Good Neighbor Committee works to negotiate agreements with new applicants for liquor, cabaret and several other types of licenses to help ensure that they will become and remain desirable members of the Upper Downtown community.

The committee has volunteer positions open for people who are interested in developing and negotiating Good Neighbor Agreements with new additions to the Upper Downtown bar and restaurant scene.

Interested in helping out?  Go to the “Get Involved” link and click on “Become a Volunteer”

Interested in helping out?  Become a Volunteer!

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Scooters on City Sidewalk

Signed Good Neighbor Agreements

4 Play Whiskey & Tequila – 820 15th St. (opening date TBD)

801 Fish – 999 17th St., Suite 100

Dazzle – 1080 14th St. (public opening date at new location  TBD)

Non+Plus Ultra (opening date TBD)

Vanish  – 1543 Champa St.  (opening date TBD)

Fortissimo Dueling Pianos – 891 14th St.

UpDoNA is a City Registered Neighborhood Organization representing the community of Denver’s Upper Downtown.

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