Outreach Committee

We reach out to our members and the public using a variety of means.

The website is the face of UpDoNA; it introduces UpDoNA to the community and states its mission, vision, and work.  The website contains important information about UpDoNA and how Upper Downtown Residents can get involved.

UpDoNA also publishes a monthly newsletter containing valuable information for residents and businesses alike.  It keeps members informed about upcoming UpDoNA-related events as well as other events around the Upper Downtown neighborhood.  The content includes information about upcoming legislation, potential actions by the city that may have an impact on the lives of residents, human interest stories and many other interesting articles about our neighborhood.

Our Facebook page is our Social Media outlet, and we communicate with the news media through this committee.

The committee has volunteer positions open for writers, website and newsletter-savvy people.

Interested in helping out?  Go to the “Get Involved” link and click on “Become a Volunteer”

UpDoNA Logo

UpDoNA is a City Registered Neighborhood Organization representing the community of Denver’s Upper Downtown.

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