New Residents Love Raising Their Baby In Downtown Denver

Recently, an article was published in the Denverite that caught our attention.  We are always looking for things that emphasize the positive aspects of Downtown Denver, and from the title, this certainly seemed to do exactly that.  It was entitled “Is Downtown Denver a safe place to raise a baby?  Absolutely, says couple who moved from rural New Hampshire in 2022”.  

The article featured Anthony and Natalie Gemma who moved here for his job.  They looked all over the Denver area and decided that Upper Downtown was the place for them.  They purchased a condo in Midland Lofts and have been happy ever since.  

Lisa Pope and I met with Anthony a couple of weeks ago.  We talked about the things he likes about Upper Downtown, and they are mostly things that we all like. Such as walkability, restaurants, and proximity to everything they need and want.  They particularly like living close to the Denver Children’s Museum and said that they’ve been there several times.  That is something he never did growing up in New Hampshire.

We also discussed his thoughts on ways to revitalize Upper Downtown, and we shared many of them with the city when we discussed the $500 million investments in the downtown area that may occur in 2025.

We are happy to report that the Gemmas have joined UpDoNA. They are our first members from Midland Lofts. Perhaps you’ll meet them at a future UNO on the second Wednesday of each month (except for June, when we’ll hold our Annual Meeting on June 13th).

You can read the Denverite article by clicking on the following link:


Attribution for thumbnail photo: Kevin J. Beaty / Denverite

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