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National Finance Conference Supports District 6 – Horse Mounted Patrol


UpDoNA supports law enforcement, including both the Denver Police Department and the Denver Sheriff’s Department.  One of our members, Justin Gasman is a member of the board of Directors for the Ethical Finance & Insurance Manager’s Conference (EFI).  He was given the honor when he was asked to speak and present in Downtown Denver in September of 2021. The topic was called Serve & Protect.

Justin is the Finance Director at McCaddon Cadillac, so his talk focused on the dealership and how to simultaneously protect his customers and the dealership. He tied this in with a law enforcement theme that was consistent from the beginning to the end. Having some fun, he dressed up like Detective Gasman and with flashing red and blue lights spinning and the stage was set. The theme song from Dragnet was playing as the show began! After his presentation was completed, everyone received a badge and was officially deputized to go back to their stores and implement what they had learned. The badges they were given were required to be shown and worn in order to get in to the VIP after-party he sponsored at Sip.

Justin didn’t stop there, and decided to create even more value by adding a silent auction, where all of the attendees could bid on items and raise money for charity. The money that was raised would then be donated to The Denver Police Department who suggested that the money be directed toDistrict 6, Horse Mounted Patrol. That was perfect for Justin since District 6 of the DPD is responsible for the Upper Downtown neighborhood.

In all, $1,630 was raised for the officers and their animals. They operate on a very limited budget and it takes a lot of funding to keep horses fed and properly equipped to serve and protect. He presented them with a giant check at their station and then they rode over to the Spire on horseback, thanked him again and captured a quick photo.

After the last year or two enduring all that we have as a community, it was a really positive moment where the public could observe the officers and the horses riding around and saying hello to everyone. We are blessed to have such great men and women who work tirelessly risking their lives to serve and protect us. We support and fund them. Justin is looking forward to seeing how much more he can raise this year at the April conference.

top: Mounted patrol – denver.gov,  upper right: Justin Gasman speaking to group by Justin B Gasman,  lower left: Check presented to Mounted Patrol by Justin B Gasman
Previous Commander Sanchez of DPD District 6 – Meet & Greet
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