UpDoNA’s House1000 Clothing Drive

Denver Mayor Mike Johnston declared victory in his “House1000” goal on the last day of 2023.

“As of yesterday, this city succeeded, in under six months, in moving more than 1,000 people off of the streets and into housing,” he said, according to CBS News.  That was on December 31, 2023.  As of the date of this writing, even more have been moved inside with the current total being 1,216.

UpDoNA has supported the mayor’s efforts from the beginning of his administration, and recently participated in it by establishing a clothing drive in the month of January.  A total of 133 bags of new or almost new clothing were donated, sorted and delivered to recently opened hotels which are housing men and women who need homes.

Photo attribution: Gil Vondrasek
Photo attribution: Helen Hedrick

Wrap-around services will be provided so that short-term housing turns into stable long-term housing and independent, self-sustaining lives for Denver citizens.  UpDoNA is pleased to have been able to participate in this important effort.

“We’re not gonna be done until the experience of homelessness in this city is short and rare and safe,” Johnston said.


It’s a big goal and, with coordination and communication, neighborhood associations may be able to find many meaningful ways to support the House 1000 initiative.

Thumbnail Photo Attribution: Helen Hedrick

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