Hi, my name is Cooper, and I am the fluffy little white Goldendoodle that you see often happily walking around. I love going to the 9th floor of our building, visiting my friends, Wendy, Jackie, Ricky and Tenaya. However, my very favorite spot is the elevator. That is the place I am happiest. Many residents enjoy seeing me and give me lots of playful pets.

Other pups are there, too: some want to play with me, some just downright ignore me and others just stare me down (maybe we share a little growl or two). Most pet owners in the building are friendly and keep their pets under control (my Mom calls this elevator etiquette but I’m not sure what that means).

I consider myself an Urban Dog. I live in a high-rise, enjoy getting sun on the balcony, walking along 14th Street and playing in Sculpture Park. I also enjoy going with my Mom to Larimer Square where most shops welcome doggies. I would have to say that I behave very nicely in these shops, patiently waiting for my Mom. But it’s all good.

How I came to live in a high-rise is a very sweet story. About 7 weeks after I was born, the Kennel in LaSalle phoned my Mom and Dad to come select a puppy. My parents wanted a male (good thing-I was one of 5 that had been born.) My Dad, who was ill at the time, told the owner that as we lived in the city, a smaller pup would be better. She returned with me, the smallest of the males, and gave me to my Dad to hold. After about a half hour, my Mom turned to my Dad and said, ”Don’t you want to check out some of the other pups?” Without hesitating, he said “I think we should take this one.” I really never knew my Dad as he died very soon after. But my Mom says I am very special to her as she considers me a gift from my Dad, because he knew that my Mom and I would love each other very much.

Often, my Mom is asked how I got my name. That is an interesting story, too. The summer before I was born my Mom saw a commercial on TV. In the background a woman’s voice is heard sternly saying “Cooper, did you eat all these treats?” The camera immediately focuses on a very sweet dog, looking quite sad and quite guilty. That was it for Mom; all other names bit the dust and I became “Cooper”.

Maybe, now you know a little bit more about me than you knew before. Perhaps this all makes better sense as you see me happily walking and wanting a pet or two from you!!

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