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We want to thank everyone that continues to come out on the 1st Saturday of each month (holidays may push to 2nd weekend) to walk our UpDoNA footprint with buckets, trash bags, brooms, safety vests and a smile. 

While we gather and walk around, we are taking note of and reporting on:

  1. Parking lots that need attention by the owners (landscaping that is growing out onto sidewalks, railings and structures in need of repainting) *Feb 2023-We have contacted Focus Properties for the railings at 14th and Stout – waiting to hear back
  2. Walls and structures that have been graffitied and need to be reported *Feb 2023-We have talked to Denver Gas and Electric building to see when they will be repainting where they have repainted over graffiti on Champa St side- they are waiting for the weather to warm up consistently.
  3. Xcel light poles missing a panel that leaves exposed wires, and spots for trash to gather in
  4. Businesses that if they put out a receptacle for cigarettes for their customers, would alleviate the mass amounts of cigarette butts littering the sidewalk within feet of their front door
Photo Attribution: Kristen Deak

Everyone is welcome, families and singles alike. We meet for 1 hour at 9am 891 14th St, in front of SPIRE.

Depending on how many people join us lets us know how many streets we can accomplish that day.

We would love to see this initiative grow, in numbers of neighbors participating and how many streets we can put our eyes on.

If you live in a building with neighbors that would like to gather on a Saturday, or another day during the week for one hour, please reach out via UpDoNA.org and we will help you organize a neighborhood clean up in your area of UpDoNA.

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UpDoNA is a City Registered Neighborhood Organization representing the community of Denver’s Upper Downtown.

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