Scooter Committee Update

The Scooter Subcommittee is excited to start off the new year with a story of success and to be able report to UpDoNA members that our hard work is already beginning to payoff. After working diligently for many months in 2022 with various stakeholders across downtown Denver, the subcommittee was able to create a visual Public Service Announcement (PSA) that is currently on display on several electronic digital signs around Upper Downtown. The PSA is visible on signs at 14th & California, 14th & Champa, 15th & Champa, and 16th & Champa.  The intent of the PSA is to bring awareness to residents and visitors regarding the use of e-scooters and discouraging their use on sidewalks where they are not allowed.

The subcommittee received an incredible amount of support from the Denver Theatre District (DTD) who controls these digital signs and agreed to donate time for the PSAs. Other entities and providers such as Coors Field, Kroenke Sports, Visit Denver, and Orange Barrel Media are being contacted in an effort to expand the PSA across downtown. Additionally, the City of Denver’s Department of Infrastructure and Transportation (DOTI) continues to be in close contact with the subcommittee and is planning on releasing an education campaign regarding e-scooter use and safety early this year. The material will be shared with UpDoNA once it is available.

Priorities and efforts for 2023 will focus on:

  • Continuing with our public education efforts (e.g. PSAs), especially with Auraria;
  • Possibly update pictures on PSAs for increased inclusivity;
  • Working with DOTI, Lyft, and Lime to get “No Riding on Sidewalks” or “Be Courteous” signs on the panel trucks they use for moving scooters and replacing batteries; and
  • Work with DOTI, Lyft, and Lime regarding “No Riding on Sidewalks” or “Be Courteous” signs on scooter corrals.

Photo attribution: Thumbnail – Rob Squire; PSA – Jeremiah Bebo

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