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The UpDoNA Scooter Subcommittee is up and running. This subcommittee of UpDoNA’s Safety & Quality of Life Committee includes members who have used or currently use e-scooters. The subcommittee’s goals are to find workable solutions to enhance the safety of both e-scooter users and pedestrians, and foster knowledge and compliance with the rules surrounding scooter use. To accomplish these goals, we intend to make reasonable recommendations to City leaders (especially the Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI)) and to the e-scooter providers (Lyft and Lime). City staff and officials have expressed concern about pedestrian safety with the increase in collisions and near misses between e-scooters and pedestrians.

Did you know?

  • It is illegal to ride e-scooters on sidewalks unless the sidewalk is part of a bike-path or the speed limit on the adjacent street is 35 MPH or greater. [In addition to these two exceptions, an e-scooter user may ride on the sidewalk in order to begin or end a trip but must yield to pedestrians when on the sidewalk for these purposes.]
  • E-scooters must be parked standing upright using the kickstand and must provide at least 5 feet of pedestrian clearance on the sidewalk.

To improve safety, we hope to develop methods of communicating rules relating to e-scooter use with the help of the e-scooter providers, and an increase in the signage on the sidewalks to foster their proper use by e-scooter users. Eventually, we hope that better geo-fencing technology with help improve the safety of e-scooter use as well.

The subcommittee recognizes the importance of e-scooters in getting commuters, tourists, and residents to destinations within the downtown area in an efficient manner. What we are trying to prevent by focusing on safety is a decision by the city officials to eliminate e-scooter use altogether.

How can you help?

First, if you would like to join us on the subcommittee, please email David Kurth at david_kurth@msn.com.  Our next subcommittee meeting is Wednesday, August 3 from 4:00-5:00 PM at the Spire (891 14th Street).  We will meet in the common area on the 10th floor.

DOTI has asked us to solicit the help of UpDoNA residents to assist in its enforcement efforts. The Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure would like our help in making Denver sidewalks safer for pedestrians.  If you witness an e-scooter violation (e.g., failure to use the bike lane or street when a sidewalk use exception does not apply, or improper parking of an e-scooter):

  1. Take photos (or a short video) of the violation and vehicle QR code (if possible)
  2. Note the address/intersection, operator (Lime or Lyft), and vehicle ID number (if possible)
  3. Email the information to: micromobility@denvergov.org

We will provide periodic updates on our progress. For those of you who ride e-scooters, be safe out there!

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