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UpDoNA Cares Committee is supporting the building of the St. Francis Center Safe Outdoor Space at 221 Federal Boulevard. The Regis Safe Outdoor Space will be closed and its current residents will be moved to the St. Francis Center space hopefully by the end of July.   There are numerous hours of work involved and a lot of dedicated volunteers.  Here are pictures from the June 17 Build Day at the new site.


The lumber had already been cut and marked by volunteers.  Today volunteers unloaded it, arranged  it for building, and began construction of about 50 platforms.

At all the Safe Outdoor Spaces, insulated fishing tents like the one pictured are secured on platforms and each tent provided with an electrical outlet. Safe Outdoor Spaces also include units which meet specifications of the American with Disabilities Act. This allows people of all abilities access to resourced and fully staffed “tent villages.” For more information or to volunteer or donate:


Photo attribution: Helen Hedrick, UpDoNA Cares Committee

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