Scooter Committee – September Update

The Scooter Subcommittee has resumed efforts after a summer hiatus.  Our efforts in August and September were focused on enhancing communications with District 10 Council Member Chris Hinds staff, staff from the City and County of Denver Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI), and staff from the Downtown Denver Partnership (DDP).  In our September meeting, Scooter Subcommittee members had an interesting discussion with staff from CM Hinds office, DOTI, and DDP regarding:

  • Getting DOTI to improve signage on bike lanes to make it clear that scooters, as well as bicycles, should use bicycle lanes
  • Getting Lyft and Lime to install more corrals in the UpDoNA area
  • Opportunities for passive enforcement of scooter riding such as a pre-ride “test” of a law (e.g., “What is the possible fine for riding a scooter on a sidewalk?”) prior to being able to start a ride
  • Opportunities for semi-passive encouragement of proper scooter parking such as surcharges for improper parking of scooters
  • Opportunities for active enforcement of scooter riding such as selective scooter sidewalk riding traps similar to speed limit traps on roadways for vehicles
  • Opportunities to improve coordination among concerned parties:  DOTI, City Council District 10, DDP, LoDoNA, and UpDoNA.

The subcommittee is also investigating ways to increase our public service announcement (PSA) outreach.  We have reached out to Kroenke Sports (Ball Arena) and Auraria Campus staff regarding their issues and possible PSA at events or in buildings.  We will also be investigating contacting managers of residential buildings, office buildings, and establishments visited by locals and tourists in the downtown area (hotels, restaurants and bars, the Convention Center, and the Denver Center for the Performing Arts) regarding proper scooter use and parking.

Photo attribution: David Kurth and Steve Smith

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