UpDoNA Cares – September, 2023 Update

UpDoNA continues to support The Delores Project and Step Denver in their work to end homelessness. Find out more about these nonprofits and how to donate at their websites. 

Win the Ultimate Nuggets Fan Package Sweepstakes! and at the same time support the Delores Project in working to end homelessness! Use this link to enter to win!  https://www.tapkat.org/the-delores-project/KkqZw9

STEP Denver has announced they will be replicating their Denver program in Colorado Springs.

“What we have built is now attracting men from across the country who are in a state of desperation, with no local options, and with a readiness so strong that they are going to courageous lengths to reach Step Denver. In the past two years alone, 53 men from Charlotte, NC have traveled 1,566 miles – 3 days on a bus – to get the help they so desperately need. That’s just from one city. Thankfully they were pointed in our direction…

If we can be there for them by bringing the philosophies and programming of Step into other communities across our country, we should.…We are excited about the future of Step and feel a deep sense of responsibility to its 40-year history. Our commitment: shepherd and continue to improve the existing program in Denver, work to provide the same opportunity to men in Colorado Springs and bring real hope and solutions to other communities in search of an answer to these crises.”

It’s exciting to see STEP expanding.  As we all know, homelessness and troubles with addiction are nationwide challenges!

Wish to join in serving lunch at the Delores Project each week? Email helenkhedrick@gmail.com

Photo attribution: https://cairns.health.qld.libguides.com/socialwork

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