Ana moves to UpDoNa and gets her first dog – Tater!

Ana grew up with animals and missed them dearly during her time in the military.  As soon as she left the army, she adopted two cats, but when Ana moved from the suburbs to UpDoNa, she knew she was ready for some different – her first dog.  Living in a high-rise, she wanted a dog to make sure she went outside several times a day and put her in contact with other people and animals.  Her dog had to be cute so she would be its forever companion – no matter what.

The search was on!  After researching and researching, Ana contacted Pug Rescue.  Serendipitously, the first dog that became available was Tater (formerly named Pirate)!  It must have been a sign because Tater (a tri-pug) was missing the same leg as Ana.  Everyone at Pug Rescue thought this was a sign.  Sign or not Pug Rescue is serious about placement, so Ana needed to be vetted. Everyone was eager to see how Tater would adapt to being a city dog with all the different noises and activities in UpDoNa.

As crazy as it seems, Tater seemed right at home immediately.

Tater has also helped remind Ana about self-care.  Being aware of how weight gain can cause discomfort and requires more energy for movement, Ana pays attention to this for herself and Tater.  Their multiple walks help with strength and weight management.  For prevention, Tater takes supplements that help with his joints. 

Missing part of her leg, Ana wishes that this wasn’t the first thing people always seem to notice and ask the obvious questions.  There are times when people are downright insensitive and rude.  Not too long ago, someone challenged her for parking in a handicapped spot and threatened to call the police.  With Tater, his hidden talent of creating a diversion is an unexpected bonus.  Those are the times when people just see a cute pug, and a normal conversation can ensue.  That’s the best.

Photo attribution: Carly Ebenstein

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