Meet Joji

Hi, I’m Joji.  I’m a quirky, sometimes awkward, friendly and energetic cattle dog mix from California. My parents always think of me as their own “Snoopy.” When I was about 4 years old, my parents found me at a rescue organization in The Bay Area.  They each had their own old lady dogs when they met, but after a couple of years, those dogs died, and they decided to check out the local shelters.  They found me on the first day!  The Shelter named me Sally, but my parents changed it to Jo Jo.  Then, about 1 month later, after I settled in with them, my mom decided I needed a more playful, lighter name, so she told my dad my new name was Joji.  My dad was not happy about this unilateral and arbitrary decision being made without him, but he came around eventually.

Almost 2 years ago, we moved to UpDoNa from California.  I’m a happy dog who enjoys adventures, but I really didn’t know what to expect when I arrived and suddenly became a “city dog” living in a high-rise.  With all the dogs and dog lovers, it didn’t take long to discover that I love living here.  My favorite things about where I live include lots of fun smells and interesting places to explore! On my elevator rides 3 times a day I find new friends almost every day. I love all the dogs that come and go with me on the elevator, well most of them. I guess I am just too friendly at times. Actually, people are my favorite; they tend to give me treats, pet me and think I am cute. Talk about an ego booster. I also get to use this to my advantage when I am alone with my parents and they take for granted how great of a dog I am!

Truth be told, I’m a scrounge; I am a dog, after all!  I love my walks around UpDoNa and it’s fun sniffing all the exotic items a dog can find on a city street.  Lately, I’ve noticed the streets seem to be cleaner and there’s less “stuff” on the sidewalks for me to investigate, so I’m doing more walking and less scrounging – that makes my mom and dad happy.

I feel very fortunate to live across from The Convention Center. It’s the best because I get so much attention from locals, kids and folks attending conventions from all over the world. Sometimes I count how many people ask to pet me before I make it to the Blue Bear.

If there were a canine mascot for UpDoNa, I would nominate myself. I love being out and about, so, if you see me, in my Carhartt jacket or not, please feel free to say, Hi!

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