UpDoNa Cares Committee – Monthly Update

On June 28, based on UpDoNA Cares Committee research, Stephanie Miller, CEO at the Delores Project, presented to the UpDoNA Board of Directors. The Board unanimously voted to align with The Delores Project in the project’s long-term and ongoing support of women and trans individuals who are working their way up from a situation of homelessness.

As listed on the website  Volunteer – The Delores Project volunteers are needed and appreciated in the following areas:

  • Providing a meal (we can cook it there or at our homes)
  • Serving a meal and chatting with Delores guests while we eat together
  • Preparing a freezer meal for when needed at a later date
  • Hosting an activity (games, arts & crafts, book discussion, comedy)
  • Providing a service (haircut, massage, art therapy, GED tutoring)
  • Assisting with maintenance
  • Setting up a donation drive
  • Picking up donations
  • Covering the lobby during staff meeting

Photo Attribute: The Delores Project

Photo Attribute: The Delores Project

UpDoNA Cares plans to organize volunteer teams four times a year, starting with cooking a meal on-site and serving to residents sometime in August. 

Let the Cares Committee know your interest at k.bennettparsons@updona.org.

Join in! Make a difference in your city!

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