Respect the Ride Rally

April 29, 2023
10:00 am - 11:30 am
Union Station Chestnut Pavilion Denver, Co

Date: April 29, 2023

Time: 10:00 AM -11:30 AM

Venue: Denver Union Station Chestnut Pavilion (upstairs adjacent to the light rail tracks)

You may have recently learned that RTD has been working diligently on improving the riding experience for its customers, which includes upgrading the safety and security of the environment both inside and outside of their facilities.  Even if your use of RTD resources is limited, these improvements will significantly and positively impact RTD buildings and nearby neighborhoods. Downtown residents and business owners are at the epicenter of what RTD is trying to accomplish as neighborhoods continue to contend with safety and health-related issues. Union Station is a wonderful resource for entertainment as well as a center for transportation, and it benefits all of us for it to be a clean safe venue.  Therefore, support is needed from downtown stakeholders to advance this effort.

A key governance element of this initiative is a revision of the RTD Code of Conduct Policy, which will further empower RTD officers when enforcing laws and regulations and will be the centerpiece of an upcoming event in April called the “Respect the Ride Rally.” This event will provide an opportunity for downtown stakeholders to voice their opinions on the revised policy that will serve as the catalyst for continuous neighborhood improvements.

However, there remains a critical obstacle: The RTD Board of Directors has not yet approved the revised Code of Conduct Policy, likely due to aggressive opposition from certain local, activist entities. This should be considered unacceptable to all residents, commuters and business owners as Denver recovers from the effects of the pandemic and continues to battle homelessness, crime, drug addiction, mental illness and governmental policies that do not meet the needs of its citizens.

You are encouraged to attend this event and make your voices heard regarding this important measure, which provides additional options for dealing with chronic offenders and those who commit crimes in RTD assets. The impact is pervasive across downtown and can only be mitigated using our collective voices, which matter greatly.

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