Rob Squire

Rob is one of the co-founders of UpDoNA and was the first president of the organization.  He currently serves as the Vice President of UpDoNA, as one of the co-chairs of the Safety and Quality of Life Committee and as the chairman of the Outreach Committee. He was motivated to begin working on the establishment of UpDoNA in August of 2021 because of the degradation he saw in the downtown environment.  He wanted to do something to improve the conditions, but he realized that residents of Upper Downtown didn’t have an organized voice when communicating with Denver city government. That was when work began to establish a formal neighborhood organization.

He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering, and has performed design engineering on various electronic boxes that have been used in helicopters as well as fixed wing aircraft at Sperry Flight Systems and Northrop Corporation. In his 30-year career at Lockheed Martin as an Aerospace Engineer and subsequent consulting, he performed mission, constellation and satellite design on several systems including classified satellites, the next manned mission to the moon, and the next generation space station which will replace the International Space Station at the end of the decade.

He and his wife Kathy first purchased a small one-bedroom condo in Spire as a second home in 2010 shortly after the building opened.  Later in 2012, they moved full time into a two-bedroom unit from their home in the mountains where he had served as a Director in the homeowners association.

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UpDoNA is a City Registered Neighborhood Organization representing the community of Denver’s Upper Downtown.

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