Carol Wayne

Carol is a city girl at heart having lived in Boston, San Francisco, Paris, New York and Denver!  She believes that people who live in the city make a conscious decision to do so. The positive benefits are obvious, the negatives are apparent.

Carol is a Marriage and Family Therapist, practicing for 25 years, and is well-informed about the difficulties facing families living in urban settings.  She has actively been involved in other Denver organizations, currently as a gallery guide at the Clyfford Still Museum.

Denver has issues with crime and she feels that laws alone are insufficient to address the issue. Other cities in Colorado have impactful local programs such as safe homes for at-risk youth.  Several local communities hold their elected and city officials accountable through regular anti-violence marches.  Families of victims have also had a lasting impact through legislation and lawsuits.  Involving the community is the most effective strategy, and Carol has ideas including for community advocacy.

It is hard to address the homelessness crisis. Housing alone is insufficient as many individuals also require job training and treatment for mental health and drug use disorders.  The city has the money, they need to get it done, and I believe strong and consistent support from UpDoNA’s leadership can help.

Carol’s professional background involved addiction counseling, and she has several ideas for leaders at the legislative and local level.  Community organizations can help through meals provided by churches and other local groups that offer an opportunity to distribute information about services and programs that encourage sobriety.  I also believe that UpDoNA can be an important partner to Denver city government and police by representing the voice of local residents who believe that additional support from the City is needed to address this urgent situation.

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