Upper Downtown Neighborhood Association – January 2022 Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2022 - In Meeting Minutes

Upper Downtown Neighborhood Association
Meeting Minutes
January 6, 2022

K. Bennett Parsons, Ken Coleman, Helen Hedrick, Melissa Matuska, Jack Murphy, Lisa Pope,
Rob Squire

Meeting called to order at 3:03pm
I. Minutes
Motion to approve minutes by Bennett (Founding Meeting, 12/7/2021, and 12/15/2021
Seconded by Rob
Motion carried

II. Old Business
Did AoI get signed by everyone?
Helen’s name is misspelled and needs to be corrected on the original document. Rob to send
the word document to Bennett with Helen’s name corrected so the articles can be resigned.
Before he sent them, Donna emailed the corrected AoI to Bennett.

III. Financial items
1. Meeting Platforms- Tabled
We currently use Lisa’s account for Zoom but it does not give us the ability to record
meetings and has a limited number of participants. It is $80 annually.
● Lisa will double check the limitations of her account and we will revisit.
● Are there other platforms to consider? Bennett to research Google
2. Should we accept donations with restricted or targeted applications? Non-cash
No, not through the website. Accounting for this would be tricky. Let’s add language on
the donation page to say to contact us directly if interested in donating space for
meetings or other types of non-cash donations
Motion to approve by Helen
Seconded by Rob
Motion Carried

Q: Could we do what thrift stores do and give them the tax write off form? -Kenneth
A: We need to double check how that works.3. Should we offer a complementary business membership to Right Track Associates
(Andrew & Ellen Weiner)
Motion to approve complimentary membership made by Rob
Seconded by Kenneth
Motion Carried

4. D&O Insurance
501c3 application must be submitted with insurance application
Was $880 for 5 directors, now with 7 directors:
● $1,254 for $2,500 deductible (was $1,724)
● $1,320 for $1,000 deductible (was $1,815)
● $66 difference – would need to use insurance once every 23 years to make it
worthwhile to get the $1,000 deductible
● Annual, semi-annual, quarterly
Kenneth: Was the decision to have 7 members in perpetuity or until the May meeting?
The minimum in the Bylaws is 3 members- Add this agenda item for next meeting
Move to go with $2500 deductible by Rob
Seconded by Lisa
Motion carried
Motion to approve the semi-annual payment
Seconded by Helen
Motion carried

5. 501c3 Application
Rob to ask Donna for timeline to complete the application.
Lisa will reach out to LoDoNA folks to see if they will share their application with us.

IV. New Business
1. Website
Rob to upload documents to website, he is current webmaster
Documents that need to be uploaded
● AoI when signed
● Minutes
● Founding Day (marked as approved on 1/6/2022 )
● Dec 7 BOD meeting (marked as approved on 1/6/2022)
● Dec 15 BOD meeting (marked as approved on 1/6/2022Rob is making a list of issues that come up to get to Andrew- Please send any issues
you encounter to Rob.

2. Website Hosting
Right Track Associates is hosting the website for now.
We need to get a quote for the cost of hosting moving forward.

3. Establish standing meeting times
2nd & 4th Tuesdays at 3PM proposed
Send Rob an email to confirm that will work
V. Meeting Updates- Lisa
Citizens for Safe and Clean Denver- Dr. Terry Hildebrandt leads this org
They are close with the police. They are politically charged, enforcing laws, passing legislation,
With LoDoNA- Safe, Clean, and Compassionate
VI. Social Media- Tabled
FB? Instagram? Twitter?
Three alternatives
No comments
Filtered comments requiring a moderator
Unlimited comments

VII. Membership Drive Tasks
Send out email to previous “members” asking them to become members
Send out email to Spire asking them to become members
Brooks Tower has expressed interest so they should be at the top of the list
Send emails to contacts in other buildings setting up presentations to board and/or mgt with the
eventual request to present to their residents
Presenters: ?
Send comments on presentation to Rob

VIII. Committee makeup presentation- presentation at next meeting and proposals to be
discussed at the meeting on January 12th

IX. Open Items
Sal’s opinion on website Terms of Use
Sal’s opinion on donation Terms of Use
Let Andrew know about board decision on targeted donations and impact on Donation Terms of

Respond to Rob whether you can meet in person on the 18th at 3pmX. Future Items
● Term Limits for Directors
● Sponsorships
● Determine the number of BOD members we want to have
● Quotes for website hosting
● Social Media platforms

Meeting adjourned 4:10pm
Meeting minutes submitted by: K. Bennett Parsons
Minutes approved on January 12, 2022

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